The advertising, marketing, and tech industries are jam-packed with buzz words, so much so that they daily produce some hilarious memes. But one particular catch phrase seems to rise above them all: the full-service agency. Chances are when you’re conducting your annual or once-every-three-years agency review you are met with a barrage of proposals from full-services agencies, turn-key organizations who can provide everything you need in one stop. 

Sounds nice, right?

The problem most CMOs have with these full-service agencies is not the concept. If they can find a marketing partner who can actually deliver on their ever-changing needs they would gladly sign them on. For much longer than the two- to three-year average engagement!

The reality is that most agencies you meet truly aren’t full service. So how can you tell them apart? Pay attention to how they talk about themselves on their social channels.

Does your full-service agency win a bunch of industry awards? You have a PR agency. Bonus points if the award is for a pro bono, low bono (nearly free— meaning, usually a friend of the CEO), or community-based initiative.

Does your full-service agency post once a month and it’s always a carousel or a GIF of new logos with the caption, “new work alert?” You have a branding agency. Bonus points if the new work was done by employees who left the company long ago.

Does your full-service agency showcase campaign work from six months ago? You have a creative agency. Bonus points if you notice the work they are sharing is for a client that just put the account up for review.

Does your full-service agency mostly re-post industry-related metrics from their favorite white papers but you happen to notice their employees liking development and media memes? You have a dev agency or a media agency.

All of these examples, and oh so many others, are why we started Luna. As the marketing landscape continues to evolve we believe in the power of mobilizing custom teams from around the globe and down the street, curated to address the exact needs of our clients at this exact juncture in your development. 

We operate as a full-service, decentralized agency. This means we are connected in such a way that we can address your marketing strategy, content production, data insights, app design and development, public relations, and paid media needs when you need them, and where you need them. Put another way, we assemble, develop, create, and disassemble in the name of your specific business goals.

We are curious, tenacious, and mindful. As the earth and moon are tidally locked, we aim to orchestrate the rhythms of your seasons, the very constancy and turn of your world.

If you’re looking for a change of pace from your “full-service agency” maybe it’s time to give Luna, A Marketing Collective a try. Say hello at [email protected] and let’s go to the moon!

Onna Cunnigham, is the founder and director of business development for Luna, A Marketing Collective

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