Do you or someone you know want to make a life change?

Neuroscience tells us that changing our brains is possible, but what does it mean to change your brain? What is really changing, the size and shape? Yes, meditation changes the size and amounts of brain cells. A Harvard study showed that eliciting the body’s relaxation response through meditation can even affect our genes within minutes of meditating. They also found that meditating just once can dampen the genes involved in the inflammatory response and promote genes with DNA stability.

Sit or lay still for 45 minutes of your day, and you will begin to feel how you can develop new behaviors that create lasting positive change in your life. Through Guided Meditation you can be sure to easily slip into a relaxed state while being guided through breathing exercises, body scans, and visualizations that deepen the mind-body connection.

Let go of old habits and patterns. Expand how you communicate. Let go of judgement for yourself and others. Practice self-compassion.

Try moving forward with a commitment to yourself with meditation.

With Gratitude,


This post was written by Robbie McGiboney, LMT.

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