Practice Works is a vibrant hub for holistic health, built for anyone who is seeking a more accessible, more comprehensive approach to wellness and mindful living. It’s a community where practitioners and teachers come together to collaborate and communicate in order to guide you on your health and wellness journey.

We believe that everyone’s journey is individual and it is our goal to meet you where you are, help you build a personalized plan, and to keep you safe in the pursuit of sustainable, comprehensive health and wellness.

We offer a range of classes, including Mindfulness Meditation, Tai-Ji Quan (Tai Chi), Restorative Yoga, Yoga Basics and Beyond, Wall Yoga, Mat PilatesChair Yoga, and Energy Meditation. Our classes are designed to be physically accessible to most people and our teachers are experienced with offering modifications and educating you on how to know and care for yourself better. Classes are clearly described with indications about the basic physical expectations and potential overall effects of the practices to help you find the right class style and physical challenge for your needs.

***Intake form required before attending first class. Please arrive at least 15 min before your first class or complete online when you register for a class or event.

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