Yoga Wall Classes

The Yoga Wall™ is a system of wall mounted adjustable straps and harnesses, based on BKS Iyengar’s original rope wall, that helps students find more ease and versatility in hundreds of yoga asana (poses). This system creates greater support and accessibility for inversions, backbends, therapeutics, and standing poses. The yoga wall enables beginners to more easily explore accurate body alignment, receive assistance with postural stability as they build internal strength, and avoid excessive strain on the wrist and ankle joints. More experienced yoga students will find that the wall further challenges their strength and flexibility and allows them to fine-tune more complex poses, such as inversions and deep backbends. The yoga wall also provides the option to create greater traction in the spine with a wealth of therapeutic benefits. All experience levels and body types can use the wall system to learn more about their body, increase support in different postures or challenge themselves to explore new ways to modify poses.

See our Class Schedule for a listing of classes on the Yoga Wall™.

Yoga Wall Semi-Privates

Practice Works offers semi-private Yoga Wall classes for up to four people to experience the wall with personal instruction.

To schedule a class, fill out the contact form below and you will be contacted by our class director.

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