How are you celebrating International Women’s Day?

At Practice Works, we are choosing to celebrate our talented, female practitioners and the women who have inspired them along the way.

We asked our members about the women they admire and who have been most influential to their practice or life.

Heidi Odom, our Communications Coordinator, affectionately attributed her paternal grandmother as most influential to her life, saying “She taught me to always look for the positive side of a situation and to be forward thinking.”

Physical therapist and Pilates instructor, Angee Marie Croxford, commented that Mother Nature is the most influential woman to her practice, and she has always admired the extensive work of Jane Goodall.

When we asked Terri Ann Heiman, Reiki Master teacher, about who inspires her practice, she admitted that it was no one famous or well known, but her daughter. “It has been amazing to see her grow up and become a smart businesswoman. She inspires me every day with her work ethics, common sense, and independence!”

We are proud of our Practice Works members every day, but today we are showing off some of the amazing achievements of our female members.

Two of our members, Emilie Maynor and Annie Damsky, produced a flawless two-day wellness festival celebrating self-care, self-study, and community. The third year of Fearless Fest brought together hundreds of yogis, vendors, and teachers for an incredibly weekend full of yoga, meditation, discussion, and creative arts.

Sarah Robinson, a Professional Speech Coach, was recently recognized in Birmingham’s StrongHer 2020 campaign as “a female gamechanger working to make a difference in our city.” Sarah is very passionate about the women of Birmingham, and her goal is to do anything she can “to encourage women to take up that leadership role.”

Our co-founder, Meredith Calhoun, was honored in Birmingham’s Top 40 Under 40 of the Decade for the 2010s. She was originally recognized in 2013 for her for tremendous success at Corporate Reality, especially during the 2009 economic crisis. Meredith was selected out of a pool of 400 up-and-coming leaders who have made a huge impact on Birmingham.


Practice Works is proud to be a women-owned and operated business, and we have some truly incredibly female practitioners operating under our roof. Join us in celebrating the women-owned businesses in Birmingham today and everyday. Your support helps make these business more visible to our community.

This post was written by Chrissy Benney, Marketing and Community Engagement Coordinator for Practice Works. To connect with Chrissy, email her here.

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