You have great potential; you just need to work on your executive presence.”

Could there be a more challenging statement for someone who wants to be seen as a leader? Unfortunately, the term “executive presence” can feel shrouded in mystery and talented people have no idea what, specifically, they need to work on and improve.

A less vague term for “Executive Presence” is “Leadership Presence”. It’s the term Sarah Robinson uses in her coaching practice because most everyone has been in the room with a great leader and we know what that looks and feels like. This gives us something concrete to work with instead of something that feels intangible.

Leadership Presence

Leadership Presence is a skill set you can master, not something you’re either born with or you’re not. So, when you hear someone say “Wow – that person really has a strong presence, they must be born with it.”, they’re wrong. All great leaders work at it all the time.

The real trick is to get a handle on exactly what Leadership Presence is, so you know you are working on the right skills and developing the right competencies.  Without that clarity, you can waste a lot of time working on the wrong things and no one has that kind of time to waste.

Sarah has designed a Leadership Presence whitepaper to accomplish two things:

1) Help leaders and emerging leaders identify a) what Leadership Presence is and b) what specifically needs work to enhance their own executive presence.

2) Help those who work with leaders and emerging leaders understand what leadership presence is so that they can give clear, specific feedback on what skills need to be developed and enhanced.

Ready to get started? Great! You can get your copy of Sarah’s whitepaper HERE.

    Sarah works with people of all ages. She specializes in Speaker Training, One-on-One Coaching, Corporate Training and Executive Sessions. She is an author, a business owner and a sought-after keynote speaker. Learn more about how Sarah can help you by connecting directly with her.

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