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Angee Marie Croxford, PT, Certified Pilates Instructor
Integrative Pilates Therapy
Sessions: In Person
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Kendell M. Jno-Finn, DPT, FMS, FCS, DN
Physical Therapist, Pilates
M3 Performance and Physical Therapy               
Sessions: In Person, Virtual
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Angee Marie Croxford

Who do you work with?
·Folks who would like to learn to move better, prevent injury, and/or treat pain.

What tools/techniques do you use?
·Functional movement
·Australian manual therapy (my hands)
·Custom home pain management programs

What results do your clients experience?
·Steady, lasting changes in their body that allow for increased function and decreased pain
·Self awareness
·Understanding of how their specific body works

Through what format do you offer your services?
·In person
·Once established, video sessions are available.

Payments Accepted
·Credit Card

If you feel ready to connect with your body, improving the function and balance of your whole being including your immune system, I am here to help! After graduate school in California, where I am from, I went through Pilates training and I was mentored on an Australian approach to PT. I then had a busy patient load for years, treating a wide variety of diagnoses and surgeries. After gaining experience, I stepped out of the clinic to offer a different type of therapeutic experience. I now practice Integrative Pilates Therapy, where western medicine meets a holistic approach. 

Kendell Jno-Finn

Who do you work with?
·Weekend Warriors
·Post-Operative clients
·Clients motivated to live the best life possible

What tools/techniques do you use?
·Pilates Reformer
·Pilates CoreAlign
·Mat Pilates
·Myofascial Release

What results do your clients experience?
·Thorough assessment
·Understanding of movement issue
·Plan to improve movement
·Support in executing plan
·Achieve their health and wellness goals

Through what format do you offer your services?
·In person (one on one)
·In person class

Payments Accepted
·Credit Cards