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Lara Elizabeth Guthrie, MPH
Board Certified Wellness Practitioner
Empathic Herbalist
Sessions: In Person, Virtual
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Terri Ann Heiman, Interfaith Minister of Spiritual Counseling and Reiki Master Teacher
Spiritual Counseling and Energy Healing
Natural Forces Studio
Sessions: In Person, Virtual
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*Practice Works is highly selective of our members. We verify all licensing and certification (when applicable) at the time of joining and we do our best to keep in the know; however, due to the fact that our member professionals are not employed by Practice Works, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of all the information provided above in perpetuity. It is your responsibility to verify and confirm any and all professional licensure and certification that you deem important.

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Lara Elizabeth Guthrie, MPH, RYT® 200

·Herbal Consultant Certification
·Reiki Master
·Interfaith minister
·RYT® 200 Yoga Teacher
·BS in Complementary Medicine
·Master's of Public Health Administration in Functional Nutrition
·Board certified through American Association of Drugless Practitioners

Who do you work with?
·People Struggling with stress and fatigue
·Adults with chronic pain
·Older adults wanting to "age well"
·Those struggling with grief
·Children's wellness support
·Anyone with wellness concerns

What tools/techniques do you use?
·Breathing techniques
·Crystal healing
·Sound healing
·Yoga asana

What results do your clients experience?
·Stress relief
·Stronger sense of resilience and adaptability
·Increased confidence in pain management
·Improved self awareness
Higher quality of life

Through what format do you offer your services?
·In person

Payments Accepted
·Credit Card

My practice has evolved from studying with a blend of traditional teachers and conventional, college-based professors. These experiences have resulted in a unique approach to my work. In your consult, we explore your wellness needs with the most up-to-date natural health research while creating an intuitive plan for your success. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, explore my website for more information, and catch me interviewing other wellness practitioners on my podcast, "Natural Wellness with The Empathic Herbalist".

Terri Ann Heiman

Who do you work with?
·Ages: 35 -65 disconnected from self
·Lost job
·Loss of loved one

What tools/techniques do you use?
·Reiki Energy
·Emotional Freedom Technique
·Akashic Reading
·Tarot Cards
·Sound Healing
·Color Therapy

What results do your clients experience?
·Energy Healing
·Intuitive Development
·Greater Energy
·Stronger Boundaries
·Greater Decision Making Skills
·Reduction of Stress
·Reduction of Anxiety
·Self love

Through what format do you offer your services?
·One on one sessions
·Private mentoring
·Hands on group classes
·Virtual sessions on Zoom

Payments Accepted
·Credits cards

My mission is to help women who are going through crisis (like divorce or starting over) who feel lost reconnect to their Spirit. Through my work, I teach them tools and techniques to regain their confidence and trust their inner guidance. I have been interviewed on ABC/33/40 for this work as well as published several times in Reiki News Magazine. My book, Confessions of a Shower Tapper - The Ultimate Guide to Living Your Purpose with EFT is available on Amazon. I am the host of the podcast, The Empowered Spirit Show where I explore the connection to the human spirit in a way that helps your navigate your life, including crisis.