Stay hydrated.
Often times when we are out of our typical routine, we are inconsistent with our water intake which can then impact our energy and hunger levels throughout the day. Try to set a doable but challenging goal for water intake and figure out how to adjust your environment to set you up for success.

Be consistent with eating every few hours.
Eating healthy snacks throughout the day is key to keeping your energy level stable throughout the day and eating appropriate portions at meal time. Click here for Cultivate Wellness approved healthy snack lists.

Look through your pantry and freezer to meal plan for the week ahead.
Try to have at least a couple of meals that you look forward to each week – whether it’s a home cooked meal or a takeout meal from your favorite local small business. Check out the below websites for recipe ideas using pantry/freezer staples:
Pantry, Refrigerator, and Freezer Staples
25 Pantry Recipes
Easy Pantry and Freezer Meals

Our bodies were created to move throughout the day. Find ways to stay active – whether playing outside with your kids, doing an online workout, or going for a walk. Take time every couple hours throughout the day to get up and move for at least 5-10 minutes. [Practice Works has a variety of on-demand and live classes. Check the schedule HERE.]

Give yourself grace.
We are in uncharted territory right now with a lot of unknown. This typically leads to stress or emotional eating and that is OKAY. We encourage you to make a list of ways you can deal with the emotions and stressors that come along with all of this. Your list can include eating comfort food but also should include other things that bring you joy and comfort. Some ideas include FaceTime with a friend, going for a walk, meditation or prayer, watching a favorite show, listening to a podcast, etc.

This post was written by Vasu Thorpe, Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Counselor. Vasu is cofounder of Cultivate Wellness and provides individualized corporate wellness programming in the Birmingham and Atlanta areas. To connect with Vasu, visit our Member Directory.

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