I fell on my face.

Not literally …. but Spiritually.

About 10 years ago I left NY and moved back to my hometown of Birmingham, AL. I was “retiring” from my life in NY as a photographer to help my aging parents as well as live my passion as a Spiritual Counselor and Reiki practitioner.

Even though I had some experience in the Healing Arts, I lacked one very important thing. So, one day, I found myself on the floor, crying and about to give up.  I had lost my way and wasn’t making any money. The phones weren’t ringing.

Fortunately, a life coach said to me.. ‘Terri, you are super talented but you don’t have a business model.’ A business model.. what? I was never taught about a business model. All my classes and certifications were in Energy Modalities. No one ever taught me about creating a business structure and having a system.

When I first started my Reiki business, I was charging by the minute. Then I would add in extra for playing the sound bowls calling it a Reiki Sound Healing or for using crystals and call it a Reiki Crystal Healing and my charges would reflect the various extras. I always ran over time in the session, over giving and under selling myself. I wasn’t following up with my clients beyond seeing how they were after the session I knew I could offer great healing and transformations, but I needed to figure out this one thing, the way to pull all my skills in the Healing Arts together with a business sense, while still being able to serve my community.

My first step towards that goal was to find a business coach. I found many through the next several years.  I learned a lot, created structures, systems and a signature program that offered complete transformation.

Working in the Healing Arts, can be challenging for business owners because of the amount of caring and service that goes into the work. We hold the space and offer inspiration for healing. Many times, we become sensitive and just want people to feel better and heal their issues, we don’t even want to charge them money.

What … not charge?

Or barely charge?

Burn out.. and no money. That’s what happens. Over giving and undercharging from just wanting to help. I hear this all the time.

I’m spiritual, I can’t charge too much.

I’m spiritual, I don’t want to ask them for money.

The truth is, spiritual people need to make money and live, too. Many spiritual people go through this dilemma and stay in a lack mindset, broke, tired and finding it hard to make a living.

And now, after a decade of trials and tribulations, building a successful business, I am ready to help others to do the same. I am passionate about helping other Healing Arts practitioners get their work out into the world, in a big way!

The Empowered Spirit Business School begins in April with this mission to help others in the Healing Arts create a real business, from your dreams, with income streams coming in, that aren’t tied to how many hours you are putting in but to the transformation you are offering.

Creating High End Businesses from Passion and Purpose in the Healing Arts

Where Selling Your Service is Being of Service

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