Long before the Corona Virus hit the world, therapists were conducting TeleTherapy, aka video therapy. Teletherapy goes by many names: video therapy, telehealth, telepractice, internet therapy, e-therapy, online counseling, telemedicine, etc. 

Teletherapy can look different depending on the person’s situation, but for most, it is therapy conducted by a professional via live video over the internet. Many people use a computer, an external camera, a tablet, or a phone. Some people also use a ring light, a sound machine, and/or headphones to allow for the more privacy in a house with roommates or family.

Video therapy might sound strange and impersonal, but it can be just as effective as “in-person” therapy! It’s super convenient, flexible, and scientifically proven to be effective.

Here are some benefits:

Therapy Anywhere

As long as you have privacy, you can do therapy at home, during a work break, or in a parked car at a revealed location. Just set up a comfortable, well-lit area and avoid any distractions like driving or background noise.

Flexible and Convenient

Don’t feel like packing up the kids during nap time? Don’t! 

Grandpa can’t leave the house? Bring therapy to him!

Your Time is Precious

You’re a busy person with a lot of responsibilities. 

Video therapy is quick and easy to GET IN, GET OUT, and stay on schedule!

Your Safety is Important

Bad weather? Feeling under the weather? 

You can still see your therapist!

Elizabeth Shahid, MA, LMFT sees clients for counseling through Teletherapy using the following therapeutic tools: Systemic and Post-Modern Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Collaborative Language System, and Solution Focused Therapy

Have questions about Teletherapy? Ask Elizabeth! Message her on Facebook, Instagram, or her website: www.YourStoryTherapyLLC.com

Schedule a free 15 minute video session to see what Teletherapy feels like. You might be surprised!

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