You are a multi-faceted individual with your own wants, needs, and struggles. You deserve a multi-faceted wellness plan that meets you where you are and adapts with you. I believe in creating long term relationships with my clients that helps them as they grow into their wellness and encourages them to embrace their strengths!

I offer a multi-modal approach that incorporates the newest natural wellness research along with intuitive, traditional offerings to create the best plan for you. I support you with energy healing, plant therapies, and lifestyle shifts. No matter where you are on your journey, I am here to help. Everyone has ways they can bring more balance and support into their lives!

About me.

I have always been exposed to natural wellness as an option for supporting my health. As a child, I watched my mother suffer from severe muscle pain. The doctors had no answers, but my mom was not OK with surrendering to that. She picked herself up and I saw her find a combination of food, supplements, and exercise that changed her world. She has now been free of that pain for nearly 17 years.

I dealt with my own health crisis a few years ago. After an abusive relationship and suffering emotional trauma from my work, I ended up in the emergency room with an inexplicable reaction. The doctors dismissed it as some sort of adrenal issue and sent me away with a prednisone prescription and an epi pen – “just in case”. I took a page out of my mom’s book and started getting serious again about natural options and lifestyle changes – I was able to quickly come off the prednisone with no further issues!

I have since obtained my Bachelor’s in Complementary Medicine and my MPH in Functional Nutrition. I run my own school where I get to help aspiring wellness practitioners get a well rounded education and obtain board certification. I also have fallen in love with working one on one with anyone who is hungry for a personalized wellness plan. My main practice tools incorporate herbalism, aromatherapy, and energy work.

Multi-modal approach.

Connecting with plant allies through herbalism and aromatherapy allows me to bring that rooted, grounded energy of the earth to my clients. Phytonutrients found in many plants offer a physical layer of support. Aromatherapy allows for a gentle emotional support system that can be tailored with custom blends. I became known as the “Empathic Herbalist” because of my uncanny ability to blend the right combination of essential oils for my students’ emotional needs.

Energy work can support the body, mind, and spirit to bring alignment back on a subtle level. Incorporating energy healing techniques can be the last piece to your puzzle of obtaining wellness. Many times, I pair energy healing with sound healing, crystals, or other forms of meditation for even stronger results!

Larabeth is a Practice Works Member and offers one-on-one consultations with a multi-modal approach. Get to know her better by tuning in to one of her podcasts.

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