December is a hard time of year for a lot of people. There’s less sunshine, the weather is colder, we’re all indoors more often. Perhaps you are in a line of work where you are struggling to make or reconcile end of year numbers. Kids are out of school for an extended break making a wave in family routines. Many are missing lost loved ones during holidays. You may be feeling pressure to spend money you don’t have to keep up appearances. 

And this year we have added worries related to the pandemic. Is it safe to travel and visit with loved ones? What precautions should be taken and will that dampen the joy of the holidays? 

For any of these or many other reasons, December is hard. It’s a struggle to keep up. And media and advertising put a lot of pressure on us to spend more and do more to make the season just right. At the bottom of the list is our own needs and wants. There just doesn’t seem to be time. 

While I advocate putting real, sustainable self care practices in your life, for this busy time I make one suggestion. Gift yourself with grace right now. You are doing your best under difficult circumstances. And that’s a lot. Give yourself a break for not having it all together all of the time. None of us do. 

So for now, if you can do nothing else for yourself, give yourself the courteous goodwill of the space to be where you are and know it’s ok. When you are ready for more, reach out for support and resources to prioritize yourself on a regular basis. 

This post was written by Valerie Thompson, a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 20 years experience specializing in self care, balance, and personal growth. She is committed to creating a safe space where people can tell their story and discover their strengths. To connect with Valerie, visit our Member Directory.

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