The New Year is here and with it all the resolutions to exercise more, lose weight, eat a healthier diet, and other fitness-based goals. But what about overall wellbeing? So many people leave self-care out of their routines because they struggle to take time out of their already busy schedules. Practice Works can show you how to create routines that support wellbeing, not just fitness, as part of your daily life.

How do you begin your wellness routine? Studies show that building a new practice takes time, repetition, and support. Continue reading to gain a few tips on how to foster your new practice until self-care becomes an automatic part of your life.

Plan Ahead.  Sit down with your schedule and block out time for your self-care. Go ahead and pick out which classes you want to attend for the week or pencil in a few minutes for meditation and self-reflection. If you prioritize well-being by writing it in your calendar, it will be much harder to skip. Planning ahead helps the healthy choice become the easy choice.

Mix it up.  Don’t let burnout slow or halt your progress! Prevent that lackluster feeling by mixing up your routine. Take a class you’ve never tried, change the scenery of where you have your “me” time, or bring a friend to class to add a social aspect to your wellness routine.

Accountability.  Having someone keep you accountable for your new practice will increase the likelihood of making it a lasting habit. When friends, coworkers, or family are involved, you are 65% likely to meet a goal, so Practice Works encourages you to invite someone to join in your practice, support you along the way, and help you stay on track. There is great power in accountability. 

Small Steps Lead to Big Victory.  Your new routine shouldn’t feel like climbing a mountain in one day. You will find that big changes don’t happen until the small changes are solidified as part of your routine. Begin with small, intentional steps and increase your efforts over time. If you are feeling overwhelmed, dial it back. Change is a process, and it’s important to be patient with yourself and keep moving forward when things don’t go as planned. Additionally, remember to reward yourself for your progress! Rewarding yourself for good decisions reinforces healthy practices.

Find Joy.  You are creating new habits to benefit yourself, but they may not stick if it feels like too much work. Find practices that excite, motivate, empower, and make you feel good. When you commit to changes that are rewarding and uplifting, your new routine will feel less like a chore you have to make time for and will start to feel more like an effortless, balanced lifestyle.

If you would like to implement a new wellness routine, you can sign up for Practice Works’ Build Your Practice Challenge, a 60 day challenge of unlimited regular classes. Click to learn more. 

This post was written by Chrissy Benney, Marketing and Community Engagement Coordinator for Practice Works. To connect with Chrissy, email her here.

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