There is no going back.

It would be easiest to just go back to ‘normal’ and return to the way things were before. Never mind that there were aspects of your life and work that weren’t going well, right now the comfort of the way things were feels very appealing. It’s becoming clear that there is no going back, at least not for quite some time. As a result, we are facing a gradual shift to a new, fluid reality that has yet to take shape.

How will you mold your future?

We have done the hard thing these past weeks by changing our habits and giving up aspects of our routine. Our patterns have been suddenly interrupted. Now, we are approaching an opportunity to help mold our future directly by releasing old patterns and cultivating new ones. Participating in this opportunity requires choice, and an informed choice is best.


·What new habits have you developed?

·What habits have you lost and don’t want back?

·What change about this time has been beneficial?

·What’s not sustainable about the current situation for you?

·What would you like to keep from this time?

·What are you really missing during this time?


Shift out of crisis with change.

Now is the time to contemplate these questions, to be open to change, and more importantly be engaged and enthusiastic about directing that change. The length of this period of isolation is shaping up to be precisely the amount of time needed to form new habits. The shift out of crisis toward a period of relative stability is likely to be just as long, giving ample time to direct and cement your new habits, your new patterns, and your new ways of interacting with and contributing to society.

Intentionally influence the trajectory of your life.

I implore you to sit down and do this work. Contemplate, reflect, or journal on these questions. This is crucial work if you want to be an active participant in your own life. Possibly the most transformational period of our lives is happening now, and while much is out of our control, we can be mindful of and intentionally influence the direction of change.

One of my favorite teachings of T.K.V. Desikachar is “Yoga [mindfulness, awareness, intention] changes the trajectory of your life.” Can you be fully present and regularly active in a truly transformative moment in your life and in human society? How are you influencing the trajectory of your life?

To learn more about how to mindfully navigate through this transformational time, watch Becca’s Lunch and Learn: Mindfulness Right Now. You have the ability to influence the changes ahead, and mindfulness is the best tool to be active in a transformational moment in your life and human society.

This post was written by Becca Impello, cofounder of Practice Works, Physical Therapist, and Yoga teacher. Becca is known for her instruction in therapeutic yoga and providing private yoga and physical therapy sessions. To connect with Becca, visit our Member Directory or class schedule.

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